Gordon D. Hookailo

5.1 Mixer / Supervisor

I created GDH Digital to provide ultra high quality Audio for production companies of all kinds through out the world.  Over the past 30 years I have supplied my clients with the best talent in the business, supervised complex sound packages for shows of all budgets, and also designed facilities and procedures for companies who wanted in house solutions.

At this stage in my career, I am choosing to offer my expertise on a freelance basis, to production companies, TV / Film / Web media networks, recording artists, AND independent studios (audio, video, graphic houses etc) as a consultant, lead mixer, and project supervisor. 

I work with you as your creative and technical support specialist.  My network of colleagues are available for your support, and can be literally plugged into our network adding throughput to your job for any specialized resources required.

Currently, I spend much time mixing from my THX tuned suite for clients who want superlative mixes.  That means hearing everything in it’s proper place, even when there are 200 tracks playing at once.

Spotting sessions and mix approvals are usually done over the internet, in real time using many exciting new tools to create more free time for you, and help you avoid LA traffic.

Packages are available for network on air promotions, TV Shows, and support packages for studios who are over booked, or simply want a more cost effective way to cover a part of their daily throughput.  Please see our packages page for a breakdown of services.

When not mixing, I provide supervision, procedural development, and unique solutions for all industries needing to streamline their entire work flow.  Being a systems specialist and designer, many editors, mixers and facility owners call me frequently to solve workflow or technical issues.

I encourage you to contact us to see how GDH Digital can help your company reach both it’s creative and financial goals.


Gordon D. Hookailo

Your Creative Audio Partner